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We are proud to announce that Vaya now is the worlds first  certified Coloreel digitizer. Our deep knowledge of digitizing combined with Coloreels exiting new technique gives our embroidery skills yet another dimension. 

Vaya Brodyrkort consist of two digitizers, Martin and Micke. In early 1998, we began to submerge ourselves in  the secrets of machine embroidery and have since worked almost every day to digitze designs in the best way possible.

Today there are several limitations to create embroidery designs that don’t reach expectations from customers such as getting the right colors, gradients or special effects in their designs. Coloreel now provides the freedom to design and create new types of embroideries never seen before.

We put a lot of effort into securing the highest quality in our designs, our turnaround time is often on a same-day  basis and our prices compete with any professional digitizer in the world. The only demand we have on you as a customer is that you own an embroidery machine. 

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Thank you and have a really nice day

Martin & Micke